Carmen Call for Friday 9-8-17

Friday, September 8th

Carmen calls a woman as the attendance manager reminding her that school for her son starts promptly at 8! 

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It still is time toward carbon call right now. What's karma love to do this morning well ms. Karr minute today she is playing a role as the school attendance manager. And she's calling this mom's remind her that this mom needs to bring her son to school probably. And AM no way fans are blacks it's Carmen. And it's gone. Howard added 3.5. It. Hello. I mean you speak to mrs. I can't. Assistant to the assistant to the assistant attendants manager here at any. It's a gentle reminder that school starts promptly. Eats only. Because you son. Had been leaked. Every day this week. I don't we've been getting. Hot. The earnings up to school. Is considered aids. Or work and fuel in the classroom with your mouth shot and with that stupid got your piece is on time. You. You aren't. Met and you know I never thought your son with stupid no we begin that until next week. Oh. I mean even a disconnect endear her to do you think. I went out. ET I would gentle read my dad and I. Am can you have your son here on time yeah I know. I'm. With. So if you're here at a mile sheets yeah I've. I think he's gotten in now. Is that year and the principal Bob Pitt and I'm gonna keep sending him home the letter out. You're right. And I can you are. On. And I'm. Here on. Because your money. Tiny and not that she was that hard. Or. Are all about you take it to the boy on time at all. The anti Hispanic. I am not it is. How I I do not count and I mean. Yeah. And lose.