Carmen Call with The Hitman and Carla 10-11-17

Wednesday, October 11th

Carmen calls a confused contractor to build her a "sexy" see-thru fence! 


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Carlyle has another Carmen call for us this morning what's gone I was a girl. I can I saw the whole point of the offense is for privacy. But for some reason Carmen is requesting a see through a fence I guess sexy. Yeah yeah. Staff. They don't want to Matta felt it was like tempted all high as one out of backyard and my birthday suit did TO are now. But someone has video that doing them a website you to me. Tell us my yard and I used to back the latter I want to do but she's saying yeah there to really get story. Signed. It's Carmen it's odd how about a 3.5. I mean come insignificant section company. I. Am ecstatic and India and did our are we. Came in to get I see through. Sorry at feet. And. Dirk rent. What do you read at baker current. I mean you won again. What you wanna do. Yeah that you are armed. Cathedral. And spend it about at explanatory and biking. Okay yeah no need to get our chat. You're a chain link fence around her out. I don't even have an OK I don't need a change that and I mean I want people and add. Feet of right. Now we don't. I don't know setting it up or. Let me tell CB OK. Wouldn't take it back to the second great. If you made it got on. It all means don't be disrupted in plants if you unintended teaching and I don't. Even into. On I'll talk to someone about me if you don't. EU French. When Al. I. I don't know. Brit did not thank you. You're the only person I ever got a problem. You. I'm gonna sit back and you are wasting my time. You take that thing is it's he could I can be and. It's.