Carmen Call with The Hitman and Carla - 11-10-17

Friday, November 10th

Carmen calls a local mail office to ask for her new sexy mail guy to be removed because she cant control her urges around him! ​


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Let's get into it car on time on power and having 3.5 there's a new sexy meltdown and an even more sexy. Sexy. A fox I mean to dawn denies lets us see how I can tell how many do I was distracting it's on top of that he's 3.5. I mean and it is Camille popping it. Or her can drown my mailman. And youth to be like Fannie five years old and could barely walk. And now you've replaced him with a twenty boy year old ball of delicious if this package I. Nothing in the delivery at my doorstep daily an op Ed as fake a nine man it's. And thank everyone else's mail. I don't have to act that you guys you mean my old guy that. I'm sorry about that it is. Our work on the dole and I and my house in that you know why am I gonna take him inside and read and read and play UPS they'll. An amateur show him what brown can do yeah. I. Believe we kind of you are yet but and it may I yen's dad with the and mail bag of bones and you've still. I'm fired up no you can't you got a power lured to connect I. Lebanon and how. Yeah have to do that can't be there because that he can take you certainly. Don't you're OK but it hit the asking what good are you. And the earnings in the maternity line. I can't look at it and your colleagues work. Don't know if it. Female pilot telling you about you believe. That the did you did he would. Like I. I got I mean. It's.