Monday, November 13th

Carmen calls a local bank teller for a $3 bank loan!


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Time for a carbon columns power grading 3.5. And sometimes we just need a little cash and a girl karma is on a mission this morning and hit man for a three dollar loan from the bank. Three dollar loan and yeah could call me he had given three bucks. I'm Howard added 3.5. Room and and. Thank interpret it and opium. I mean and I had an account with you guys and I'm my bank statement it says that I had seventeen non red and Eddie I think. Let the ATM only gives when he got to build our morning. Well I was hoping that maybe you could not only three dollars and put it into my counts. So that I can take its when he now. And then I'll gladly give you backed up three. And you don't get a loan you a little loan you money. From her. Oh I can't I can't be that are. We don't our way to eat. Only plead out I found the bank in Indian owned between. Oh well. It will enable. The street now. I try. Rocker. Palin and then I think that vacation and they opinion that it seems that has anybody that's stupid they. And they told. I guess that's why they call them tellers world. Well I barely gone and I. Have appealed to me that's. Okay well I I don't you got it. Yeah I can. Yeah. And that's the name. All white. But. I just I. A letter that any candidate and that they need to call the no not at all where you and I. Were all thinking of what god had seventeen at the she didn't get to meet I would not written would have. And it would do well. I. Would. And then make him spend seventeen out on me. And I and. Lose. Its.