Carmen Call - The Hitman and Carla 11-14-17

Tuesday, November 14th

Carmen calls a woman to inform her of some DRASTIC changes to her cell phone service!


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It's time for a carbon call let's go Lou we weren't talking about hey songs earlier and and Carmen actually works for a phone company really yeah. Nice and Scott hall this woman because they're making drastic changes to our long distance it's karma and I are talking. How are grading 3.5. How can you please be a game I can't come in with my. An eighth and I'm reviewing here at towns and we see that you make. Long distance call or at least eighteen to twenty minutes gain. And I'm coming to inform you that our conduct the un green long distance has changed. So you'll be limited to five minutes a day of longest in its. And then chides 99 cents ten minute at their. Wait wait you're from your current account holds not known not known no I'm sorry yeah what are. He got. Yet. Or didn't need it and Andy and I didn't I didn't adamant that I. Or hello here. I'm sorry I kind a eight. I'll anymore and it art me along. Its tiny tags you. The companies and let the Haney at 10. Hey I think he's saying that some. I eighty I know anything at Conning the distance every day for 25 minutes at a time. Light or print it out and shot. Hello. I'm in the I don't know OK. And that I don't know what. You're. OK I can be. And candy okay because that is likely. But I relieved and bad for your help. You're not. Very. Because the UT. Yeah. Yeah it. Mammoon. Didn't.