Wednesday, November 15th

Carmen calls a woman to uninvite her to the company thanksgiving lunch because of all of her food allergies!


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It's time for a carbon call right now empowered or 3.5. Can you imagine him and Carmen being in charge of human resources. Here at the station. I know like you got to her feet just a question I would want harm every charge to recharge anywhere and there are a number of employees. She's in charge instance given an employee a hard time they'd John Howard added 3.5. That a if I mean and I'm in each aren't. Oh. And I'm responsible for the looting and our annual Thanksgiving nuns aren't I any great if it'd been brought to my attention enough that you have think the adage you. Yeah I'm a little grey and black at the time. Okay great because we're getting hot stock. And ice cream but does next. I can't eat there at the thing. Even though. It's that they are alleged to be prudent and that tilts edit or any of that. We have both are very excited like normal. You know if no agreement it. I think this that they you may gel and a yeah and I tell them because video at a G that we ain't got no room for Jenna. OK or need paying a Allah you know what it lacked. No actually but I used to know a girl and have a look for it. And she tells. I'm allergic to theory that black electorate. Danny then yeah. Now. He's coming to the party Phillip yeah alleged again even I'm not. Or Mary Mary. With. Yeah yeah. I don't I don't know it Mary at. The very. Oh I say I was a magic to him that. I. Theory. Yeah. Mary. Carol I don't know yeah I. Don't tell you. OK but I bet that your marriage all the employees and be certain. And act told you can't bet you don't come. Hello create you and you should. Not being that ultimately it. You're at a I'm very like Kurt. And I. It's. Just.