Carmen Call - The Hitman and Carla 11-17-17

Friday, November 17th

Carmen calls a man to inform him that his girlfriend is the ring leader of a credit card fraud syndicate! ​


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It's time for carbon car on power and having 3.5. I guess Carmen wears many hats they mean in tenacious on the phone have been tracked down someone in the credit card fraud cartel. Used to have a synopsis only. Synthesis. Elusive enough for assistance to students it's carbon it and it's orange. Solid outing 3.5. Are on a mini me if I'm in 92. And other third. They're borrowing. Hi daddy yes I'm anemic got a name in and the credit card service is. And I'm calling about an. Do you know how are you are. And how well do you know him. Are we are Garber while worker heard Sam and with the Brad department with credit cards or does it. And we have reason to believe that. Is the ringleader of the credit card fraud cart town had been there rating throughout the midwest United States. The pact seeks here it's. So I asked again and how well do you know and. I've got to become the Dow Viet jokers on the. I don't joke about brought in by joked about brought I'd say not now. I don't have I don't I live now that I'm that I. I may not even a disconnect. Don't yet know I know I hung up on your I don't think it is connected I mean what what are. I don't have several question to you had not answered one how well the you know and you're not achieving leader of the credit card fraud ring. He got up and ready to your question. Into. Yet he duty to question are the film here and company. I'm a terrible remember our board Yorker and my eighth year of life I can tell you when tip of the day in jail. I did not mean like a hundred no way to. I tell me you said Albert Albert Alberta and are out. There I. What are you calling from a number of your dog and after my credit card. Barker occur Albert Robert Baer. All art she's a judge tacked on. It. You don't you. Any criminal I get. To the big like you at the other. Bernard wired all. How are you rubio. I'm mammoon.