Carmen Call - The Hitman and Carla 11-21-17

Tuesday, November 21st

Carmen calls a man to tell him the turkey he has ordered from the supermarket is ready but still ALIVE! 


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Anyway and so this guy asked for a fresh Turkey I don't see us he means he he wanted the Turkey Mumbai is. Yeah they're Carmen tell him it's Carmen and it's on Karen anything my. Oh. I mean maybe he's just. I can't I would be a part in it and I'm calling about the tricky that you ordered to Thanksgiving. It you asked by 22 pounds fresh never frozen taking Thabeet picked up tomorrow. Give I have. An I have bad news the bad news it is our budget department has a lot. Leaving that's what no one of the budget the techie if it. Did it is it that we actually do have your take here. I can't get it yet to look Hitler ordered. Even bad news it's extremely wrenched. That's security number really happy that's it's gonna refresh. It's still lie. We. I don't I don't want electric you're at Eli Turkey I don't know powder are I don't know how to eradicate Cuba. I need to I'm not gonna pick up Turkey that's not the dollar. We never know weeny did you come pick it at him as possible. It rap star had pets don't. I'm not I don't wanna I can't I can't take I like Turkey need to exit skip art. Got an implant with supermarket. Listen I ordered a Turkish army guard has begun you know I can't take the IRE. Are you can stop it. And even it and get but you can't can't. No I can't I'm not going to tell us your shot. Well. Mikey he did. It. I'm not. A Turkey. I. I. I could not detect is dead. Yeah now. He'd just come pick it up about I don't. Listen to this crazy okay I'm. Got up everything. Mu. Yeah.