Carmen Call - The Hitman and Carla 11-22-17

Wednesday, November 22nd

Carmen calls a retail store to get the rules for the Black Friday sales this week! ​


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Tomorrow's Thanksgiving and Powell says only Martins a new Black Friday shopping and apparently didn't. There are some rules for trading Carmen needs then clarified and it's Carmen tennis umpire any treatment. I mean on. Yeah. Credit that you. Calling. It. I didn't and I left money to see what the rule to Wear a Black Friday this year. Yeah. And because last year it was no hitting biting her she. But there was nothing about pay being Phil I was wondering if I can read my aged eighteen I found. I feel. At either. Can't bring that. Well I hate. BM data icons because you know I would hate to get elected before I get my new TV. Absolutely at. No he didn't get in your belt get out of it. Also when it still petty and mom I you talking about like in nineteen aren't likely appreciate it. Yeah they're definitely repairing. I tell us they can't bring my shank I don't know. Are. You looking you find out because again I want to get it out the new. Yeah. It. Athletic perhaps we you know I had been delayed because he almost lasted models and I don't you think crazy. Party. Yeah I forgot my youth and almost two Pete. That. It has yet the only thing that Friday was. Today's hits nice iron or. I did. Or. Did because I'm not only becoming states and they. And I won't be wearing much just probably entrenched militants and DNA. What that whatever yeah. He'll come our. Iron hammer yeah yeah Thanksgiving or black hearted. And I yeah. Moon. It's.