Carmen Call - The Hitman and Carla 11-9-187

Thursday, November 9th

Carmen calls a recent visitor to her "hotel" to inform them of how badly they TRASHED the room!


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And it's time for Carlin called a small power at a 3.5 and. And look him in someone's trash to the hotel last night here in Wichita and Carmen has connections. When Maria the mainly she knows who did it. The blast is to get mom and Howard added 3.5. Many of the main camera and in thank Pete speak. How can you recently stayed with ethnic lead me last week. And unfortunately that's how long it took to get your room prepared. Maggie and a had a housekeeping and that she not someone exploded in the and I don't mean like in the bathroom I mean like it looked like a human spontaneously come back in the room. Well he left the group that absolutely. Fine there was nothing wrong. Filling in between that time you laugh and that time that Mattie how. I had and inspect the room someone smack in an exploding. No I did not that would occur at that was the story. I'm a courtroom. If not it. Hit. One miner. I. And I I'll hold me. It doesn't ridiculous. It cannot do a little bit Elena but I can QB I know Barbara. My. Elect PTE. Yeah. Eighty and fed it out that would not or he could do it. I did not I didn't I did not call her I. Yeah I mean they have seats under. UN. Is. Not an aura that. Though it. You. Lack. Not I'm my and she. Every period I ever called her a liar. Aren't room number and oh. I am not calling you writer. And the use. Of the I don't hear. The and he. Would you brought out. A deal. Going I. It's.