Carmen Call July 18, 2017

Tuesday, July 18th

Carmen calls a local flower shop to express how much she loved the flowers she received, and the guy who delivered the flowers too! 

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It's time our carbon call this morning about how about a three point nine common cause of the flower shop to express how much she just loves a flower she received for Valentine's Day but she loves the guy who delivered. The flowers you more and more balance and order how this becomes a Valentine's Allen. A Valentine yeah. Well yeah. All right I got and I doubt it aren't really guns Carmen at a solemn power many three point side. Harlow and and I need you and he was he did OK after hours on and time date and aren't. Aren't aren't enough. It should build back to the flowers are beautiful our own it but so is the flower deliveryman needs its. There are very very important or arm and let's just say after he handed and he liked it's I gave them Tuesday. Sorry I just say that I'll let Israel and the only thing he delivered that day. Hear my name is animation means am I need to find out who deliveryman and plans to congratulate him because I'm pregnant. You don't have. Character. And he definitely put in overtime but forgot to clock out if you know on things. Are so I. Order a week. If you are. Easy because it's nice to know is that he tattoo that I'm gonna get because I get attached to Obama to be easy this. I don't current year many. Armed man and get your main act like. Alex Taylor. Yeah. Here. My uncle. Elmer bad you don't need your heartburn yeah. It came in. I'm OK but don't be telling him good right now he thinks it's his. I eat lamb I did no one that I do not like an all American anyway I can't look at your name like we need to treat women. Yeah I think when I do have this baby by the flower deliveryman I'm gonna name her union are. And. It's.