Carmen Call July 19 Final.mp3

Wednesday, July 19th

Carmen doesn't do a very good job reassuring a customer that their vehicle is in good hands...

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Our grading 3.5 mile the music is you know what time it is time for the Carmen call she. She you know we trust whenever you drive your car but as LA to Carson good hands so imagine Carmen who. The polish people imaginary let's just say she's not very reassuring I'm not at all it's carbon and it's our. Power and added 3.5 and ten. Is is Nancy in exactly the kimono. RE EM IR. It's got to mean and the new attendees here at the packing action. And my ex boyfriend used to dry the exact corona just Nike irons. Yes I'm calling because I mean if you. And I was hoping that I could sit in the backseat of your car and cry. And. All. Guys gave my heart bro OK I will not all you need to cop car who. You cry. Your clients but no I I had. Can't let big do would be healing and that's the lately he got beat cheating on him and why you broke up with me. Hard to go up by. Hello. Ma'am ma'am I see all. That. I make way. I do not call our area. Are under. And you're not gonna need your Qaeda and could there be any meaning. It is not alone I want each car it is what. Okay I won't be in the car but how long would you be in the means. I. Break out okay. Yeah. And the BC did not going to be in the city. Our. He's got and you want to be and yeah. Hi I'm calling. You my car I. Remember that. All the normally. May not. What I try to. Get. In and didn't in the about the I am in. All food all you. Our guy are not really. You. Mammoon. It's mean.