Carmen Call Monday 7-24-17

Monday, July 24th

It's safe to assume that Carmen offers zero customer service to a customer regarding their cell phone service. 

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That's a lot of data we appreciate your time George Carlin called us wanted a gallon every 3.5 we'll garments trying to be helpful for an end satisfied customer where there cellphone service but indeed it's safe to say. Carmen is zero help good for the customer and no comments no help at all. Under any circumstance. It's Carmel at a time however added 3.5. And Amy. Hi there I'm calling with customer care for. Following up on a complete you made recently about your phone surveys. Your services on some and they know. It's horrible and let your calling me back finally. How much you sound fine to meet so what's the story. Pretty much the story that. I ate my services the idea my apartment I don't have any year. You know what kind of phones but wonder if in apartments. At home phones. Year. And it. Is about to succeed to the home phone departments. USC was pulled minds. Yeah is everything get hey I am looking to speak with Carney got ill. All our old use she's period directors. Tourists and rule could be. Okay well you're not only. Can you can't hang out at it. Train me at home on mine is I don't click OK what does that matter. Unlike and we're waiting room. And no one technical report. And. A no I did not need not. I L I now. Know we don't. Know. Learn. New tub trying to talk to government both civil. Okay. Clear up. Doesn't she says you're too cool air guard Goran Nolan. No don't don't. Yeah. It's. It's.