Carmen Call Monday 8-14-17

Monday, August 14th

Carmen calls a truck company to not only scam them out of a free moving truck, but for some free labor for the day, also!

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Let's go time for carbon call this one a power about a 3.5 common cause a truck. Company to try and scanned them out of some Natalie if removing track but some free labor for the sake of course if it's free it's for me it's commented Tom Allen added three point side. Yeah hello and on. If I need and it takes you that you're selling and moving checked. Yeah yeah we've got we got one raids because I'm moving tomorrow and my movers just canceled on me. Because that put a voodoo curse on manner that would make backhander on their lives in east. We have we have I. You know we're not a moving com. Yeah I'm in just getting test driving a moving truck tomorrow. Between hours of three and I. But I understand it that. That the truck is for sale and not correct. I'm gonna get any did test drive it right. Yet human. I am happy it score you wanna catch up there wit yeah. Oh great because I could use the hint. Underdog not I'm not gonna help you move by but I doubt it's just. It though it it has we expect this to shut. Its -- think you can use. What I know pick and as a I don't. I can assure you that the threat is bill from moving furniture not to be an issue here why he's just. No one scared here. It up at all do you expect you to take your word for a very you know. And then I believe the man they knew it shocked I ended up pregnant okay. Got a pen and a hundred connect. If you're moving shut don't move then is it million moving just. Literacy game. And you try to pull I'm not we're not. I'm Ahmadinejad don't move is likened it to grandma Stella got it to grant it she's still a model. He's got an ancient money to improve my tennis giant multitask. We get notepad traffic tomorrow we try and other company. News no one helping you move. Who. Know what it helping you pack it helping him move not all your debt. Britain say it coming with me on a test drive and help me move in another not test drive ON EL. Hanging exactly yeah and helping you to not. Let them know that not a hot day. Re not garnered end. And yeah.