Carmen Call Monday 8-21-17

Monday, August 21st

Carmen salls a realtor and wants to borrow the pool of a home that he is selling...but only for one day- for Labor Day pool party! 

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It's time for a Carmen com power every 3.5 book Carmen calls are real sure she's very interested in purchasing a nice brand new home with a pulled. Except she just wants to use the pool and I'm. It doesn't work their way Carmen is our power and at a 3.5. Room. Yeah I mean he's gotten mean and I used a wheelchair with the property on the streets. That would give me look I tell you about it. And it's this chick has not cool. At the very night oh do you have any potential my hair is always had a lot of showing. I don't know I came here inches deep in the property. Okay all are well like you do a study covet they are built like a real quick interview. Make sure that they you know I would be yet eight is it. Well our the. I'll bet if I'm sure you are younger I or. Are you okay. Telling me Tea Party. Should be built all illegal ivory collateral any cash out credit. Not congress he can use the pool for Labor Day weekend and Alan living there and I community pool is usually fielder pat. And Manny Manny. Ruled out we can't do that come on. A load it. And yet there are spoken here about that are you going to buy out one. And in and in an end to Fred. Did ballot where you live out. Here. Yeah people have a lot of people Heidi I have to tiznow had been a lot and I think. My. We're not till that I'm sorry that's right and I didn't. What are under fire lit up there right on line you not ever in your lip when you have an easy thing you'll. The sky. And not you I think I. Oh. It. Is where I had easy. You have got. I have not played a game which you think your read it to the types. You're not. Winning all your all out. Well. Afternoons. And.