Carmen Call, Monday, 8-22-16

Monday, August 22nd

Carmen's looking for her sugar daddy and some hater on the other line is playing games.

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Moon news I'm Mark Harmon called spoiled ballot at a 3.5 what's important person and look courage to keep fresh sugar daddy ends on teeter on the line is playing games and it's karma I'm Colin added 3.5. And. Are you aren't. Out there. I mean can kind thank you is there's Leo there. War. Mattered not only are correct and is there not and an eagle at. Mean I can't and shouldn't me. Her. At. New Orleans yet tired Leo attack. That OK you know and now on lately are part here okay. Yeah. And you're in caddies be to curry. Not a yeah it can't be cloudy now are Miley you mood hung up on me to know be lucky I'm trying to find my fan here at the earlier aren't or can't and I now now that my name will be Florida Cory yeah. Hi Harry Potter are there for eight. Create very at her. Each age you like you got it dead Dan men. Now the Internet and it doesn't know it. And there is now on the Dan map I don't and steps to deal him and steps now on money and that's an aunt B don't intimidate and to our record our current car I mean I. This man yeah. Our current and I didn't you can't Harden and do you appeared on the way everybody I am. And it's. Not your are an idiot. Mean. Yeah Harmon out of the way so well today is next thing revenues grew fifty guests on this thing that's the dilemma today. Good man and Miranda how are not free points by.