Carmen Call, Monday, 8-29-16

Monday, August 29th

Carmen calls a chess teacher to teach her son Arturo about chests.

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3.5 to contemplate how is it an interest in our our little guy Alex at a sub. Give us the status on the physical Clinton's honesty Turkish and he said he has a pretty teacher and and yet not a hot. Are bad Alex. But he still gets always under alleged college is got a beautiful mom so the teachers have got to step up their game Democrats vowing to. Like I'd cited my mom and beauty. Yeah. And I'm here. You do you. Let's go that's a carbon call right now on how about a 3.5. Carmen she's calling HS teacher to teacher son Arturo about chests. Oh not CH ESS yeah. OK. Selling men and you go Horton public education whether an enlightening experience. It's. Our red. Soledad you three point (%expletive) And it means and my friend actor there isn't letting your all and are very recently he's been asked me a lot of questions. About chests. And gals and my husband Benny doesn't know anything about women. All I effects are a jab for that matter are thought I would rather have a national talk to my fan about women and their part. All I. I actually keeps Shas. Yeah like Janet and believe me any angst and I made yet on of them. He needs an error in our chat I would do it my L only I don't get along with female or not. Mainly I can't get Janet my chance amber Lee and legs and I and my ability to touch them. Oh. I didn't have an even a disconnect. I'm coming about I sent act now with the letting your eye and I am. I have no idea I don't argue not listening to me I don't I don't like. I think to me. I I am. I did I go out and plant I think would be when it came out and like packed up its. I'm Rick I. I'm telling I have no idea I key shots chat I know what about when I don't know what you're talking. I don't let you know if you let that had China to me I bet I'd have to check here. Yeah. What. This that you are trying opt my line okay thanks again. Our. The board like checkered like keeps chat. Act like a ball right. And trying to teach him about the chance. That's not acts on our ball or their peak. And you moved on and it art and it and it. Check out five and I want it I thought how. You. It's. Just it's. Harmon out of the way they'll today's next big revenues grew fifty guests on this thing that's the dilemma today. Exactly good man and Miranda how are not free points by.