Carmen Call Monday 8-7-17

Monday, August 7th

Carmen calls her tia Patricia's new sugar daddy to get some cash! However, this "sugar daddy" isn't too thrilled to talk with Carmen.

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Thanks a lot of oil we appreciate that the man who. And Carlin times or Jane Harman car right now power and at a three point try and. Calls her TT PC isn't is sugardaddies Gibson's past. But he's into thrilled to hear from Carmen I don't know why hey it's on the how about a 3.5. Oh. I mean can't you can't at least get your group might be up at these. Look like begin. And I am. And yeah initially it played I think she I don't know that our. Uncle acting like she's anti seizure and yeah heart. And instead like mine your uncle and have money and Iraq are not black I'm not too long. You re not married well my irons but that's I think you guys getting together. Yeah an easy night you had earlier been nice sixty year old body making it. Are and if you can imagine there are currently no well I get together and giving it solid and bed and he adamantly YY to me yet and I mean La. Yeah alone. Not on because I ain't gonna have a pain. Never told me about that you were part of that Eminem got its slice David's dog walk they had bad militarily into the fan. You gotta be kidding and it's heads to the badly and now you have money so how does the first to call I don't are you think that I have money. That's not an arrogant she told us and he gets all this he says that you have a pension. Refined if you don't want it on the nights saw Alex he told you do. Not believe. I think you're making it my teeth and but then again you all again. Re your finger at anyone ever ask you your shirt she hasn't yet none at a naval war. I. That's an. You will pay back. Mean. How. Harmon out of the way to go well today is next thank him and his group that that you guys on this thing that's the dilemma today. Next hour 93 point five. Yeah and.