Carmen Call Monday 9-11-17

Monday, September 11th

Carmen calls a woman whose boyfriend allegedly left his cell phone and wallet at Big Al's. ​

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But and it's time for an apartment all right down power at a 3.5 was Garland Carmen Carmen calls a woman whose boyfriend allegedly left his cellphone and wallet. At a place called big gals and so she's still too helpful if you ask me it's Arden however at a three point side. Yeah. Yeah. Had a name and I'm coming from big Al's. The elephant's cell phone and a wallet left here this afternoon and rich trying to return it to its rightful owner. I used my women powers to unlock the phone and this number is the second to the last number on it called. Earth person on the call allowed is that parents and maddening the booty call don't answer. So I wanted to know if you knew Luke Peter. It. That's the name on the credit cod that's in the Wally. And and I have its cellphone and won an if you would like me to go do without bound to see if it's any other kind of an incident did cheat on you. And I. Mean if you wanna come get on not give you half that when you get hit and you could diligence. And I. Can tell you might you know ask can get an addict how high you get into and we we have its cell phone OK yeah Biden and Iraq. And I don't have cellphones duchess is the man okay and then founded itself on and won it here at the more I'm gonna have the judge the American expected in the. I know I didn't tank comment where can cut to get get an iMac. That amount. Avid receipt and enemy he had nineteen back at tonic there is no way he went. It luck call it dollar and it got out there. Is an accompaniment to bleak the incident and I give you. I mean it's not I think he's cheating you know that the completely and that's our eighth as an egg. And keep a minute thing out I love that bleak I don't think I am bad. And thank god knew it was good yeah now allowing. If that she and all odds you there. He had even the high dew from each other. Okay where you are not even now you're talking about it at any pay. It and it's funny without a law that means you admit that mean anything. Yet I'm lucky that and deny it though Banda and France. I don't lose.