Carmen Call for Monday 9-25-17

Monday, September 25th

Carmen calls a dentist office to argue over her tooth-implant bill.​

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It's time for a carbon call this morning a power at a 3.5 and. And it may need not harass Carmen and she's letting it Dennis also snow she doesn't appreciate being counted by hand over her past students will be. Yeah yeah yeah. And documentaries this or else. You know counter hopes that she go to my Dennis addiction most of the genocide codes which in my home I got so embarrassing. It's Carmela edits are on it and power ready for imported five. Curry at. Are you your. I mean and I am I got a phone call from doctor happy about my tooth implants. And I don't understand because they thought I own money but I can't ensure. And they're supposed to pave the way. And I Conning me and leaving that they did telling me that I owe you money. I implants because the Doctor Who did my breath. Never charged me dying. But then again I got him motor. Oh. Payment Carmen let and what you're I think we. My name it's gotten and yet like Georgia that Betty. And yeah yeah do you know that because you got that caught me like umpteen times I think star even money. It department. I can help you but I need your back. And I you trying to attitude litany OK you. Wanna do yourself a pay cut and go on to the I think actually don't take it up up up and come back and talk to me because just attitude and getting out. And experiment I'm usually you're looking in the right at it right now would it mean compact when your rate up. Current topic that. Or mail. He I'm going to do at school you got time to meet at. I am trying to help but if you don't talk you name any. How did he backed economy at me and money. Now and the you got. It. It. Yeah no I'm. Not gonna bring you the good. Thing you. I. Hear anybody I'd want to know I just felt I. Hit. Really. And it's.