Carmen Call - Monday, July 17, 2017

Monday, July 17th

Carmen calls a customer in regards to his moving truck reservation. However when he gets an attitude, Carmen does her thing.

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Kind of crazy out just wanted to pout about it 3.5. Times our Norman called Carla you Lena Carmen is actually helping out today she's hoping a moving company and she's colleague customers to confirm the they're moving trucks reservation but. I gained it's safe to say customer service isn't Herman's strongest white matter at all especially wish she thinks the guys getting an added to with you don't get sassy. It's carbon credits on power battery 3.5. Yeah. I don't get it kind and I need an entrant and a match up until. And you scheduled to pick up a movie you checked tomorrow. Yeah I I could. I booked a move until I either English I'm I'm sorry no I albums. You know he was just like. And in none in the it's it's our. It's just that we took a moving truck rear oh. And I'm not yeah. I know that it's in the overbooked and check space and customers to think you wanna have an attitude you had a chance to attitude I'm I'm not having having. Do you having an edgy because I'm Conning you and tried to confront your reservation in your time to get information. Oh what what attitude what did you continue to give me add to it it's gonna go from a truck to a station wagon. I don't know what adds he's talking about I I'm I'm moving to Marat says I suggest you change your attitude I. I don't know what you're talking about I do not have an attitude excuse me don't get me OK Tracy giving that salute you gonna be really I don't know what attitude you're talking about well. Is just an immediate truck with three wheels that. Please speak your supervisor of some leading give him attitude I would give him attitude about it. I was view I'm sorry I'm not give you attitude I just don't understand this you don't speak English I don't think you can run the right now. I have actually him OK because. You're gonna come pick up a check he she is big enough to pick up trucks. Please telephone please. Changed. Hi sorry to bother you I would just speaking to hum. All the news and what does your sorry to bother nobody and Obama knew the first push. OK I have had a truck preserved for tomorrow on looming over all our broad strokes huge Asian militants. Are you kidding me personally you should look at my reservation I mean it Kurth that you OK okay you can go to go to Britain all right. I don't need it right now I need it tomorrow I have to reserve all or no really pushed through some do's and I'd just need a truck tomorrow morning please do a station wouldn't conducted commission's work out the huge presumed. To be refueled lawyer moral. And it's. Harmon out of the way he did so well. Other days next.