Carmen Call, Thursday, 8-18-16

Thursday, August 18th

Carmen's looking for a safe spot to get her grind on and what better place than an empty movie theater?

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Thing. Name's Carmen time in power and out of three points I went and I want to burn and looking for is safe spot to get her friend done. One other place and a movie theater right. So my machine yes. Saying the crime dog just and didn't like and T and since carbon. How about a 3.5. Enemy and am actually calling to find out come about him movie schedule but am I just wanted to tell you that the recording that you guys have. The guy found that as it a bit of a prefect. OK don't dumps are. Yeah that's so I'm planning on coming man later this morning are double on time dot ends meet my husband's rather. Had been looking for a place to sneak away and have some alone time in on the diet. And so I was hoping to find out what it would it would hear Jack I wanted to know what movie has the least amount of people in the theater. Yeah EA yet he has in the night a lot so out of my top. It's had there and I'm kind to find out which movie theater is gained the most empty because Meehan my brother and not would like yeah. And we can't you can't can to grant rushed out here he can't do that. Elaborately cheat on my husband have quite I can't and then it get fat on the idea that. Wouldn't they can't can't be dornin actually took her grandma your client do. I don't wanna get into a pipe alleged Downey went one of them out and he's a that I can be in Allen not bother anybody would I know how to do that. I am home to. Welcome honey you're eager to show I bring my home and what I've got to get along any alcohol I just come June. It can't bring any outside. The blue valley I have double and went home. One there. Who's. I mean. Harmony out of the way so well today is next sentiment is group think that you guys have this thing that's the dilemma today. They can man and Miranda how are not free points by.