Carmen Call, Thursday, 8-25-16

Thursday, August 25th

Carmen's delivering an incredibly mixed message to her boss' girlfriend!

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It is time port carbon call this morning and Colin and he 3.5. Gallon diesel gonna make. When he's looking at me Big Apple's box so as boxer and I love it love it love it lots of activity on Twitter this morning. It's an exclusive wind power and added 3.5. Is tiebreak Carmen caller right now though. And parish is delivering an incredibly mixed message to her boss's girlfriend so. It'll Dicey. Right in its carbon Bob Howard added 3.5. I. I mean hands and the new receptionist here at ten and and I have been instructed by one and I agents and to lead you lament pitched. If there. OK wonderful it can't quotes. I gave I'm sorry. But I'm running a little weights. I won't be able to make the concerts until 925. No way out. Okay. I. I had done it I'm not done it goes on to say I know you're probably hits. And laughing nervously to cover up the anger. Oh yeah he hits are. And I am not a lot caddie that he never seen it sounds like you like your. They're they're not on merit and I just took the dictation and I'm just began educating ET. And it. I just found out lebed educate its because they gave me a company that tap. And I am using all dated sept eleven find funny means aren't out yet are. I'd. Keep timing and I believe that we disconnect and you have to do receptionist. Now that he has been my boyfriend. And now now we're old now. Do you think he'd like heart from an eight India and I don't quite. I acting because he thinks it's funny I think as you can't get here. And I am very inventive I don't wanna and get you on how are you are. Now. I don't get crazy not to happen you man because he is too hot and makes too much money not to be pounced on. Our lack. I mean I know are now on I'm not I'm not an advocate I had itself. Why did I get they witnessed and since I had a yeah I had a lot of take it. I'm glad they did it because that's a good woman to a man with money it's yeah it's. You better get pregnant and shrapnel has sat and guts at them now I'm. And iTunes. Harmon out of the way Villa today is next sentiment is group think that you guys have this thing that's the dilemma today. I was good man and Miranda how are not free points by.