Carmen Call Thursday 8-3-17

Thursday, August 3rd

Carmen’s being helpful this morning as mall security by letting this guys’ girlfriend know they have his wallet.  

Leave it to Carmen to ​to completely turn the call from helpful to just plain nosy and confusing. 

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Yeah the moon. Power married 3.5 it's time for Carl McCall is one thing that manner gosh what is common to this morning Carmen is being so helpful. Well as mall security she's letting this guy's girlfriend know they have his wallet but it just it's bad intelligence he continues to real way Kanye. It's arm right now on power and having 3.5. Two. I. Opinion concurring with the security confiscated the night. And on and we have an important message from my. Arab world I'm not gotten a okay wonderful to handle wanted with an ATM card and several credit cards in hand on to him and I like to know how much he would like us to do think it's. I am whoa. You're I I didn't I can come into. You know like yeah London's he would do it. She wanted to meet you deal with it. Yeah I. We're living and then take yet usually don't happen some managed what are what happened in Pereira. Does speak for him and we. Yeah okay in my life instead I do that's the question he's an act and says what I yet in this incest. Yeah that crazy. But never mind. Current. And into the net and on the he blew a disconnect. Written and I just become a he's no you mean dairy. Or rewritten. I don't include how big are these dealing the climate I'm trying to help him get a lot at and T doing the deed OK yeah off. How can get so are all need to do to help him to make him a sandwich at this thanks okay that's it you can do. Yeah. Are you want to. Yeah I think you all. Hey I don't worry that's Miami needs right now till I am a woman to comment that I have a tablets might feel I can safely yields and how many minutes they do nothing in. I'm not a free or very so please and that can't I didn't know I written. And we are here. You know I land I don't and he did you got any it's as Indians so yeah it's easy to think I'm pleased Ali yeah oh I. Back. Yeah it's. Okay.