Carmen Call for Thursday 8-31-17

Thursday, August 31st

Carmen calls a football season ticket holder to inform him of all the mandatory things he will have to do for this season at the games!​ 

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I'm brought carbon columns elementary 3.5 and Carmen calls a football season ticket holder and. To inform him of all the mandatory things you'll have to do this he's attending games. Just being Abbas and there's a lot of mandatory things that are doing good or derby games and is there I had my way through. And England and Germany high school football games is better than going to some college guys have been talking about that I go to again. Derby has beast button okay I'm telling him. How by the way out high school game of the week derby at Eisenhower and I'm telling you Goddard. Members show up for represent just coal and wind 1000 derby is gonna roll up into your stadium and all in for the night. So you better show up got it. In the stands and on the field. By the way we have Eisenhower and derby cheerleaders on the air with us tomorrow morning. OK let's do this it's time for a Carmen column Colin had a 3.5. If I mean 92. Yeah I'm a season ticket members nervousness for them. 00. And this is just a courtesy call to go over some changes to our season ticket holder code of conduct. We think you may have heard about the controversy surrounding standing for the National Anthem. Well we've made standing for the and them mandatory for our season ticket holder. Or. You'll also be expected to stand every time the cheerleaders triple. Marat and when it makes a good play. All filling the event that the child I had to get to the middle your round. Man it's not exactly if you are seen not complying with our standing rules you'll be escorted out ice and I am and the securities and. Are all black that's the mandatory is. A lot of have to stand in the lavatory. On the two entities. Kinda. Extreme you know I mean I feel like I ate it on my heart and I support it. And we heavier played Simon Says you hit. You'll replace Simon with. We say that you have to stand up and you don't wanna stands you can stand up. Thank you won't get to the child. You. Excuse me. Not one of the things that mandatory we understand the anger. Or. Whatever and what doesn't. With. The oh. Now. Crate it up start and beat old lady. Output but it. Yeah they probably can't dead heat there a kid and your. I don't know lose.