Carmen Call, Thursday, 9-1-16

Thursday, September 1st

Carmen's been injured in the head and needs some head shots for her head shot!

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Yeah that's what it is time for Carmen already downed power outages 3.5 varnish is an injured in the hands pressed for a isn't. Is she needs to show us her head Jackson's son she call that someone says it's outs for his child eat yellow. You know hot car again this is it's on our nightly 3.5 and. It. I mean he. Its fiftieth that you take pictures and people pay. There are shut in. Neighbor kids. Let's parents are like totally bitch just like shot me in the head with a panicked yeah. All about just trying to buy it Ater all but. Are are you are you are well I thought about going over and drop kicking him but I think he may have more bonded with it I. Go over there now because I got up at him and probably a gadget to head shots you take head shots side do you come to the jug I can got a lawyer and get rich. OK and that outlet. What he had not picky picky Carter at. At all I'm. In or red eye and tell me you know for the lots and I are making them to think. Yeah they. Are. Error happened he just got about how my my I'm gonna may. Allow our. It. I had it. I don't know I'm I don't know why you're calling I. I could tell you I never thought it doesn't happen. I did I hit in the head the latter I think. Including bottled up till it able I had a bowling ball. The rebuilt my all in one time I try to rest as they did a comedy club because it wasn't funny Aaron megaphone as you're generally I was the female that's. At some into action several remote controls. I mean. I did not mean that aren't like that they are issues that I. I don't let panel. Hold chicken Turkey neck he's giving away leg one time that I'm done seventh and the mad because I got the wooden leg was part of the constant. To scale replica of the Eiffel Tower made it goes. Into my Johnny. On. That chicken. Napping. So all. I had and I'm I. Oh yeah. Harmon out of the way they'll today is next ten minutes group that he gets on the same dilemma today. Exactly your man and Miranda power not free points by.