Carmen Call Thursday 9-14-17

Thursday, September 14th

Carmen calls a pool cleaner to ask if he will be her male model at her poolside photo shoot! ​

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Rocket Friday and too little Carlin called this morning on power and added 3.5 million you know sometimes you just need hot models and dependable guy is a karma is trying to make that happen tonight. Yeah. It's always pull guys it's garment and it's on Soledad you 3.5. I get into the pool cleaner. Yeah I again and I mean and how fitting for the on to win. Yeah I. Rick coming this afternoon. That clean the pool. Yeah yeah. Sure am. Okay great because my male model for my photo shoot just can't. I wanted to know how you look at your shared. Our our schedule I the most important thing when modeling anymore and they can't Tony get 88 and you have yet to comply. I yeah I'd love McAlister can't clean the pool a. I just keeps coming to the polls show if you know what are we are quoted. And it's you know. Yeah I don't think they're out thank you very much. Oh. Is is. At it I guess I believe that we disconnect between dad and I used to coming to you at 3 o'clock. Yeah I'm an iconic think that there's shock but on it. I'm sure at all. Effect if healthy and they just give me here in grand to that I can feel like before the photo shoot to see how much air rushing right I have to do. No no I cannot be. Is that okay am going to be there am I close on. Your app cleaner. Yeah yeah well yes and on and yeah I'm a man and I did how did you know she. There are okay if you did how do you let your bottom. Armor. Her. Name your own speed Al Arlen. You have to abide one point. And our poll you okay I'm not predictable Eric your vocal about my clothes on okay. We. Amok but over here around your pool. And time to. Larry. But at the lower end. Oh. And I want.