Carmen Call Tuesday 10-10-17

Tuesday, October 10th

Carmen calls a woman to gently remind her that her student loans are past due!


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Todd Martin Carmen call you know I can relate to student loan debt and can you imagine Carmen calling you wanting you to pay towards your school loans. Now to meet its carbon and a dog and Howard added 3.5. Mean. Hello. Pennington and again. Can find you that. We are now handling our student loan debt and I understand you haven't made a payment in four months. You had no I that. Is. At our current. Cantina it's partly paying a 137. Dollars and 42 cents. Every thirty day. Not. You haven't done that people are my and figure out the Connie I'm glad you did them on their. When asked about the money. That you one time. You're hearing I'm doing my. Eye. To all of its well. Are. Out. I'm Natalie Wood and I had been coming about your student loan. You. Have me did you study economics I did and T I when you I mean you have to. I don't I don't like. Not that. Don't get me. Kirk. Dot Atmel dot com and you can. Just. It. And you being. I. Hack. A news.