Carmen Call Tuesday 7-25-17

Tuesday, July 25th

Leave it to Carmen to totally mess up your special dinner reservations! 

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Okay let's go aside from Carman call this more empowered every 3.5 common cause I guess to confirm there restaurant reservations are pretty good thing is it a little too rail until like almost taking it to the streets all. Didn't really old Joey Joseph. It's Carmen and it's not power battery three point shot. I. I mean I'm coming from. It. I am content impairment reservation for a party of heat but this Friday nights but birthday. I just wanted to inform you that your party won't be seeded Ana every one is present. A makeshift Allen's late trying to make an entrance okay. I'm not mentally we're actually are adding onto. Me and we are looking to split checks by the way. Non not for birthday parties especially for females because and it takes like 45 minutes on my Napoleon calculator out and check the receipt and see how much you drink. Are you gains in wages its debt to know what actually are and how are we want it. I don't. Even when we're not. Eleven pennies confirming your resignation. No no you don't tactic you can confirm that I. I I got that they weren't but I'll Wear accident at that operate EO about you. You're not any. Current. Need and are attacked by. Got an infant kind of liken poignant yeah if it checks lunch meal because I'm not you drug deal. What do you mean you know how weaker. Do you how would beat it. What I did not you broke at least didn't one entree amongst rebuke and then get up on red eye flight. You girl didn't listen you're out at me. What are the girl. I buy that one opera like. When I mean. We get stuck in the paper and I'll what are you. Not even sure you girls or are you just trying to get free. You'd you'd. It's.