Carmen Call Tuesday 8-15-17

Tuesday, August 15th

Carmen calls a woman to tell her the apartment she just moved into still has some contraband in the closet!

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Right call it's time for Carmen Carl what's current talk about this morning promised Colin this. Random person who moved into her old apartment similar and other some contraband. Still in the apartment all the entire time. And it's arm powered at a three point try and. It got mean and come I don't know you but I notes the landlord. And he told me that you are now living in my Unix. Are you in unit. Two. YE a DH and when I stopped dating him he apparently wanted me to start paying your rent. And when I didn't evicted me and had the police supervised meanwhile is moving out of the unit. So I left a duffel bag hidden in the closet can you give me a favor and tell me that still ban. You know. It's. No doubt it I don't know what you're talking about. Would imagine you're not and Dino. The land line. Yeah I don't have a Romney we figure out right. And I believe we we disconnect. Yes on contact because he had the restraining order against me. And I don't wanna incriminate I also don't wanna incriminate you by telling you what's in the duffel bag. But you want to get out of here at minute limit possible. Not my problem or. You have not yet at my partner and she's not some news. While you have pineapple ring most. You sound stupid. I know. What. He'd gotten. But he can't do and get it from somebody else. Or not I don't believe that I doubled giggle at. One point. On. Each. I just it's an additional. You are. It's. It.