Carmen Call for Tuesday 8-22-17

Tuesday, August 22nd

Carmen calls a place that sells drywall to help her dry her... wet walls!​

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Time for carbon call this morning and parliamentary 3.5 of all places called karma calls it place that sells and drywall to help hurt drag her wet loans. It's charming and edits on the power battery 3.5. I heard. I mean and mean my head and popped I want her bed and meet you mean horizontal polka. I guess he poke a hole in the bed and it earth on over the eighth. I'll be OK I'll. Turn now on the walls and I bed and I went and I've been here on the night with my edge I am trying to dry and and it's not like he. So are so we are you to tell me that your your drywall or drywall wet. From the waterbed. Trying to dry it would hair dryer. I'll get well actually. My husband listened as good edu. You'll like what you've trained. Well I'm not very. Cute oh than when you doing here. Well I'm working later Arab. Whenever I had you maybe you can be working under me and all our. He's got administering religious because I don't even while down. He over the heads. I water. There right. Here are ones we therefore. Okay. For what smooth. And keep. Just. My. Putting your air guard IOR. Right. Still I have to do. You bury yeah thank you so yeah. I don't care. Yeah. And it's.