Carmen Call, Tuesday, 8-23-16

Tuesday, August 23rd

Carmen needs some open house info so she can pursue some expensive purses!

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Moon and carbon targets while Allen added 3.5. And carnage needs an open house in those old geoghan person expensive purses. OK you know slid and I think a discount. Time is is Carmen on talent ID 3.5. I think. Out. I'm mean and your company is sending the house next door to mine. Out I look at the picture on the plaza outside. Are you looking to buy out an enough I already live in the neighborhood but I used to have my picture on a fourth death nineteen. An island getting out to right are you an telling your. Now look at I don't own my house I mean it's not only space that's available for sale is under my Mac tip and in my eighth Maine and money using now to hide the local cartels. I'm sorry I can't I don't know why are you talking about all I'm god I'm gonna about how you guys haven't they done a good year. And I got out or you had an open how athlete and I wanted to know in the next one's gonna eat. Well we have many open outfit I have to know what the actor. Can't I just noted that in fact open how there are people dressed to believe that the men had a hold until you read the women had been expensive handbags. And that guides were completely down. Thank you it's me and I'll open up its that I can rob the people on the outs. Herter you know where immediately if you maybe you are as dumb as you look at that picture on the boards outside but on the body and what highlighting that now filled. Public. You know record are your safety and at thirty dollars and that because I have on an ankle bracelet. I know why did I have to commit crimes both the home. I do not happened. Are they and innuendo. Out already talked about and they'll. How you can argue idiot innuendoes. And you begin obviously and it. On and they. And news. Harmon out of the way though it today is next sentiment is group think that he gets up these things go about today. Exactly your man and Miranda how are not free point.