Carmen Call for Tuesday 8-29-17

Tuesday, August 29th

Carmen calls a restaurant to complain about their food and service but to compliment their habanero ranch sauce that she wants to use... romantically in the bedroom!

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Express their twenty traffic update from KN OSS radio on yet chambers. You know I felt I mentioned yesterday it was a big Dana Williams housing. And living. Because that was a bad that my wife song. Me is a thumbs. Mitchell where you don't pilot celebrate the day I met my wife I think all relationships which is celebrating the day they never won an out that's awesome. You know because that's where it all started that's right that's when the sparks well for you this sparks everywhere now. You celebrate the statement tonic and I don't do you remember that it's totally. Yeah. I didn't. Right I remember that bars all and yeah. I mean I class and it was a statement and I this morning and after what Chile okay yeah good. Okay now my style. May lose my number get the president distances please. Yeah every year I celebrate the day I met my wife is a sweetest haters. How lover long. It's time for Carmen caller right now dollar averaged 3.5 from the switch gears yes we don't Carmen is not happy she calls it restaurant. To complain about the food and service but. She complements their out of narrow I'm an error and sausage she wants to use NN romantic way and her and her bedroom. I don't sauce and a bedroom don't go to that is. You sound like if it's bad yeah that's the hey it's us it's common Amazon power out in 3.5. Oh. They record. Ramiro yeah. Many new Skype Maine means I was in the end and sneaking in and I wanted to tell you that you're on an own grandson is fantastic. But your food and weight staff are horrible. Hello I'm sorry about it man. You illiterate they're there. And I cut them out though indeed I found that have been in a grand sons. Separate the. Wanted to go ahead into the girl. Oh god no please I'd rather weak link to an abrupt Kardashians belly button to be at your restaurant again oh yeah. Your food is the listing that I ever had in my mouth and I've been in jail. Well I'm sorry that you had a bad experience man. Sigh you got to work at a restaurant that serves hot garbage. Oh I kind of like recruiter. You. And I am a state you. That you record. O'Meara they've. Got any let me just as I was this weekend. All right and I don't up. I don't appreciate you hanging on need to know. Speak to that that that circle and the number one. Number two. Critical it and one at not just magic because we already got into it on Saturday and that's why he's lucky with a right now. Airing an accurate or walking or recruit our our. Hobbies and pick up a Red Sox could finish it. A and you got to lay down their opinion sir if you don't want any that you had. Ransacked and in minutes. No yeah I I didn't and on Saturday we were here are the needs some I don't it's not that I can have my man yeah. I don't know who's. Losing. Harmon out of the way that a lot of other days next big dividends.