Carmen Call, Tuesday, 8-30-16

Tuesday, August 30th

Carmen responds to an ad offering "demo" work, so she can get some help on her rap demo.

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Thanks pax. I think was doing. Let's hug as a Carmen she's responding to win and offering demo ware and so she can get some help on a random bombings and Yo-Yo you know brand my demo yeah. Brain isn't karma column by Nate 3.5. I mean connecting to connect. Yet been up like what's he do at a gas station when you have a stunning Greta cut. Yes it says here that year. You're available for a demo and I am I'm an aspiring rapper Eric and I need someone to make my demo Bonnie. I do demo. Unbeaten record or. Yet when he did instead my demo because I'm like that's rhymes there onto it and and I know clarity and right now on talk to deal from the. Don't know I don't know protect about the same thing take a demolition night at. Yet construction and I'm just trying to punch in and it I had been I had about my butt and legal kick and punch him. I don't because I backed her up and then I know I got Reggie Kelly is that you did see and they doubled. I just I know now and beat up and I'm going and that feeling that it. And yet I. Not that I. CIR. You got out but I am an epidemic. And it's just I mean you're it's. Am confident that the lights don't know do you need demo. I needed demo and got to get the memo I need depth dumber brother as your brain madam just out. Well our yeah. Moon it's. And.