Carmen Call Tuesday 8-8-17

Tuesday, August 8th

Carmen calls a school to try to convince them to let her out of her mandatory parents service hours for the next school year!​

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I'm torn Carmen policy want to within managing and Carlyle did. I guess you Allison Carmen pins are it's. Permit in the these are minding your business. Nonetheless you're out of mandatory DN service hours through the next school year which is not today I persuading them mandatory parenting service hours maybe PT ad and they tell the school they don't want carbon coming from master important Eric shake your favor you know exactly. It's carbon at a time powered at a 3.5. Ironic there's a a speaking out. If I mean in my son until now is I'm enrolled to started preschool and a couple of weeks. Hi how are ill. I'm doing rallying on me I mingling can I be infamy she. Knicks fan and parent I expected to do twenty hour as a community center is and I wanted to know if that would count towards my and the communities and it's not paying my traffic tickets and checking the champagne bottle to a full nightclub because the girl at the same outfit on as mean. You know we actually actually you get heated senate that are. Cool. I wanted to know if I can turn not Alexandra my probation officer because then finally I can get his ankle bracelet off it's just. Why this is our Austria China called. You agree Q and you. An uncommon phenomenon and I can agree to this yeah. Yeah. And I would not be enrolled. If she didn't sign that everybody you know there are trying to speaker talked about. I got Ellen and I said I got you open the door trying to get my. Not a bad because he would that be the enemy and they. Now are LA that is that crap and here hero or hear what you. See I don't. About. What. My option that rat me. This week as. Well our cat. So our Internet and and it sort of trying to orient. Hey it's excuse me dining we painted by mail and employers to let cheater on my husband's car once but that's only because that patty was cheating on me with a lady at the car lunch. Love that you can't help he needs to yell at it. It can got an idiot Kyle why wasn't even an eight mile just a gentleman with a man boobs. I don't know that had to do your Childs school all. I don't come into the principle not the contention ladies and if you know what they mean to let me else. Diet completely appropriate. We need to do not I don't hear. I mean all you're out right now. Because I make a wonderful nude paper weight on his desk. I mean.