Carmen Call for Tuesday 9-12-17

Tuesday, September 12th

Carmen has some words for a personal trainer who she's accusing of injuring her employee that has called in sick after a session with him in the gym! 

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It's got ports Harvard College up. I sweet little charming she's so not happy whenever employees. Called in sick. After this intense gym sessions and she's got some words for the personal trainer responsible. Did the horrible to have Carmen and as your boss. And Tom Allen added 3.5. Oh he is yet to root. I mean if got a man and I'm the assistant to the it's instinct to the fifteen manager of scheduling here at coffee. In hand and box. And you're hits Teaneck. Or did he wake Alley yesterday. Are are. You know Judy. No it. I mean you birdie yeah on short. And went and until like Ali deficit. But machines trying to get us out of your article. And I did I don't and he tell immediate thought he tank coming until today and I I I. Come here you'd. I need to get that back straight out I don't know what your. Age I teed it. Training and a million years are bad at home and and well. I cannot count on are or aren't the anywhere and Bob had. We're got our our team. Eli to meet. You got I don't know why you're all eighty of them each week. I mean I've come this original idea they'll training sessions later this week. I would gain ever trained you and a million years. Don't want you to change the Cheney this confident like he's in every. It's just steal it does. It mean you're darn right. I lose.