Carmen Call Tuesday 9-19-17

Tuesday, September 19th

Carmen calls a hair salon to sell the tail of the horse she hit with her car...(I know right?!)

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Traffic is backed them got some accidents garbage time and Harman car right now speaking of crazy traffic it would be really weird to see a horse. On the side of the highway right. But Carmen actually saw one ends and her horse he intentions are very sketchy news you'll see what I mean. Unless it's powered added 3.5. Million and. I don't think recurring or learn and how can appear. I'm mean and and just hit a Horace. On the three way. Oh man that doesn't sound like an issue triggered chronicled the elite. I wanted to or not you guys are interested in buying the horse's tail. And it you know what I would I want upper scale Amanda at the salon. There running them. Let's do that. We don't mean to you we usually you end it with the horse is. Pleased that the lessons used. Now and now I haven't they write it really got around mavericks are. Current. Land and helped. Me to. I'd I'd never act like I. Know don't hit him. Yeah. I don't care bear are we don't you weren't ill it's. Very. I know how. Old married. I know I. Echoing your aren't. And I know that I'm aware. No not only rarely you're at or. Maybe you want elected him because you've collected. I know. You not call me again. You're not still here we are we're more or you're at all like oh really yeah. By. Yeah. And it's.