Carmen Call for Tuesday 9-20-17

Wednesday, September 20th

Listen as Carmen hits up a perp’s girlfriend to bail her loser boyfriend out of jail!

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It's time for carbon call this morning a holographic three points on the. Someone is in trouble and all that. They need to be bailed out of jelling Carmen X ray Inman news this guy's girlfriend look old and oh yeah good old Carmen. It's our. How about a 3.5. Not. I. Are. And then I'm coming in Canada am on bail bond is coming on behalf of not. Anemic and in hand with the Internet and on bail bonds is this. At yes informed as to get a hold a deal to let you know that he needs to be bailed out of jail. And well yes and the charge is unauthorized photography on private property and activated dog napping. What is in a jump up and you know I was joking I see and it's did you catch him. Well wait Wear my black parent. Even county jail because the report says he was taking pictures of a half naked sleeping man. And when that man's dog became protective of then your boyfriend basically punted him across the part. And I. Happy command I was sleeping no. No. In jail don't. Yeah. But it's infinite sounded yeah they wanna add it seemed like a very Intel or maybe. Now. Do you not know and now I. Would bounce it into it like. How the dog that he'd like to do. Dot. Get out of dodge get. Her. Dog what I'm most people. Last night. My man's past is it is that we you've got that camera web equipment. Hadn't lined up ugly and a lot. Yeah yeah he gave camera with the dog. But I can go and then let the dog on the edit the doctor about it he did in the bag in return. And demand to be on love you have just how. All want to. Yeah. It's.