Carmen Call, Wednesday, 8-17-16

Wednesday, August 17th

Carmen's looking to be a farm hand on the farm land!

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Gotta give a shout out charger admit to called us up this morning he went on and on about the stop signs of a school buses. Allen added 3.5. With Laviolette said to wake it up to listen to us is Todd for apartment call right now. Congress is looking to be farm hand and on the farm lands. And get her hands dirty. It's Carmen armed power and having 3.5. Hello this. I demand and calling for the firing hand position. I want to get them my information because I'm not sure if I have a farm hand I have been told however I have I had another backhand. And killers left hand combination. Okay let art ever yeah well you're in the army and no manual laborer. On Yemeni. It was Manuel I think Adam do his job. Then I would and I don't know I'd like none out in an imminent imminent and no debt because I know what men. Doesn't mean I'm gonna do the whacked them and that he can credit final day for you tell that Manuel guy. That if he's gonna think that I'm just gonna come in and do. I. I. Let's go on what you did that but III think they had a good start laughing for no reason. All her hero Hank I. Hey look at all night out at an odd bird out. And fun. Got a new media my act. If the talent and I. Don't. Don't and having injections things. You can have you. You know attacks. On fuel aren't. You know. Now fill up your brilliant act. And oh. I. It's how. Harmon out of the way Villa today is next the good news group that. Yes that was say it's dilemma today. And I would be your man and Miranda how are not free points fine.