Carmen Call, Wednesday, 8-24-16

Wednesday, August 24th

Carmen wants to get her son, Arturo, some weight loss surgery!

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There. Gibson time for our armor and calls. Our new work day ride back to school what does this morning about at a 3.5. Winked at and consider bronzed condolence to get her son Arturo some weight loss surgery. Am little piece it takes a two iron. Detects what it takes returned home and do something Nelson in the with the Howard Utley three point thigh. Up says this is happening albeit. I mean come and like to plant a complaint on doctor. Eighth. Abbott went to the complaint concerning. I'm I would email my obese an avenue outside act a little with a big head. If he would he would it be a candidate but you know like the fat kids three. And. You me gastric bypass. Well there. It had to say treaty mean. On the lights knowledge for the second I thought it might actually led. I and then and then another eleven and I ascension day I can yeah hey we are glad that I do in my living room with my guys. Okay then your. I thought I'm not I don't get back edge we eat the accident Julie and I got back another by Blake did he had hit a minute of it. The neck and stomach idiots okay hey I would actually hoping to set out some of that fact and said it into my kids and our. Well exactly because I figure having the fact from an eleven year old got injected into my box let me get let me. Eight because right now it's like the don't tax cuts and. Okay. You want it out at secretary for your son and gastric bypass surgery. Hate it or not gat that already have that's. Not that the procedure. It it's like people link to tend to get out. It around which you know that doctor can really. Explain it better and I said it's. So you're out routes and yet it it basically is April. That. They. UK. Speaking out. So. Is not Arabic it. I. OK I had but I hit. Susan. It's. Harmon out of the way so well today is next then revenues grew fifty guests on this thing that's the dilemma today. They can man and Miranda.