Carmen Call, Wednesday, 8-3-16

Wednesday, August 3rd

A son e-mailed Carmen after his mom and he drove cross country from California to New York and argued the whole way! He's 21 and she's 50.

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You know it's carbon timeout Allen added three point button. And well he's an emailed Carmen after his mom and he drove across country from California teen New York may argue the whole way. Anyone she's just in time and deal isn't it's karma and power and added 3.5. And I don't. And you need to do and I didn't see. And I'm coming within the next our department of highways and traffic and we are responding to a domestic disputes on the shoulder of highway. One or Britney wanna I wrote cameras picked up on my education between two people in a blue Camry with New York plates and married I don't know how you people in New York City handle disputes but around these parts lean on day two Kiley to the days leading up children. Weeks yeah. I mean if I mean I'm coming with no Internet at W aren't. I just told you anemic batting in the amateur in the department of highway and traffic but I eat late I mean no wait it out I'm glad you're a man. I don't approve of you beaten up. On the other I. Out ma'am add video ahead and get. He had big yeah like he had Gmail video and Kennedy when we hear it's not that we do and find you that you haven't found guilty of child endangerment. Yeah. I short. Eagle. Didn't. Get. Oh yeah. You got any moderate. Why are you might go back and I didn't. Mean to be so I had. Yeah. Oh yeah well. That made crew being. Did yeah equally between my son Brian. Regan I would bar. Let me. It's. What. I thought well. Yeah. And they and you're ready yeah. We have spoken to your son and he said that you can buy an in his right deal with the baby. I'll try to show a bed and I don't little boy. And I think. I'm gonna. It's. At the do. Harmon out of the way.