Carmen Call, Wednesday, 8-31-16

Wednesday, August 31st

Carmen wants a mind reader to do some mind reading!

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It's time for comment on pal and I three points I didn't and I mean she is a mind reader digital song playing mind reading. We now. And price fountain and again is its armor and power and added 3.5. It's. Scott I mean in some just told me that I can hang your you to read someone's mind. It. Then he read big reds and you read. Yeah it's like for parties or informal gatherings. You know I chill which obviously mingle with your guests. Well pregnant you're taking it can really region mine at that's what everybody. Well I'm thinking that you have a voice like the boarding accountant with male pattern baldness that still lives with your mother well you're wrong. What I what am I thinking now more like. I can't tell you under these conditions it's not quite do you mind reader doesn't mean your own plane here. Omnipotent and I just can't get them excited because you're living with your mother. OK I don't need to take sometime and didn't. Oh. She's got an even with an eye on it if you did you meet and how did you not not gonna call you right. Again ma'am I think you misunderstood what I do. Are you reading my mind right now it's like oh god I'm not really very hard I think what I was thinking because you omnipotent. Well. Sure well go mad because you told me. I know I'm Jerry did he just moved out of your mother's basement it's what it's like doubles not get it if you read mine didn't you. Okay your thing and order made him read someone's mind it has to be a mind territory and frankly I'm not convinced that. Hi this is a mind reader. Premonition and it's so annoying woman won't stop calling me and. RI and cute I guess. Maybe that's why you're and the fatigue because the crystal ball. It's.