Carmen Call Weds 7-26-17

Wednesday, July 26th

Carmen wants to hire a dog trainer for Peanuts, her pet “SHE-WAH WAH". However, it's for all the wrong reasons and involves her poor neighbor. 

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Time and Harman call us wanted empowered every 3.5 and Carmen wants to hire and dog trainer for her and she awhile awhile but it's for all the wrong reasons. You can assume any alternate its carbon and it's modern power about a three point side. Room. And then and I'm sure because I need to dump Cheney from my little buddy peanuts. I hadn't broken and don't have a degree. A. And we just got new neighbors and lady and has been getting mean and attitudes are lashing Mike in elemental peace drained. Yeah because mom the thicker sag in on and mean. Well she's getting she'd hand print like the past two weeks since they moved in probably because her husband's always out there with a camera phone watching me wash my time. And she be could be other my dog for going potty on her front non. Oh OK until you. You itching my puppy to not only continue using her non as a bathroom. But also next time she catches and runs out with a newspaper I want you to add my puppy peanuts I'd upper big toe. It. As because I believe in and I plan. I ain't but since my little peanuts can't reach Earth Day if I think the next best. The toe LA. Won it. Burton. Can sheet of paper. Is still reason. I take. Our Internet Aaron. Are. I mean. Yes when you are. Jane I know I'm I found out here. Any help and she it's. She and this man now I'm sorry it. There are. Blood. Going in and I'd tell nobody. I. 100. I. Sorry I am not your not. On your hand you think. That's my name is as. And have a great or reality. And I can't do any legal stuff I'd. Eric and. It's.