Carmen Call for Weds 8-30-17

Wednesday, August 30th

Carmen is all about "neighborhood watch." Listen as she calls her neighbors personal trainer to complain about how good her neighbor now looks! 

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It's time port Carmen call this morning we'll Carmen is all about neighborhood watch him so she calls her neighbors and personal trainers to complain about health for me. Her neighbor Ericsson hall. That's what this flying is fine anyway. Carmen attitude on the power battery three point time. Allow me. And my name it's got to mean an am offended. I don't hurt us she's Amy Barrett and sometimes on weekends my family goes Alberts and her tool and we dying outs. And I just wanted to tell you that she looks good bay. I'm old yeah I see Indiana really good. Are I mean she looked like Homer Simpson and bathing suits and a bucket was made of bill. You look at. He's been really like our. Yeah she did great things so gray matter has been only stares at her at the pool now when legal that there an animal the N Akamai dot bikini and she's over the an economic thing. You had her her. I'm only they're that her. Has been backe is only looking at nine. And the question right now I have to go there he only has to let it. And may not her well. When I'm walking into the bathroom. Gotta man up and even the yes Tim I need to change. Yeah I you know and I don't really enjoyed being here at. What are you don't I could be Herat. What I have to do it I'm calling it the Herat a married. I'm well how about Connie Mack OK I don't like credit. It did rip when they did media I earned yeah and Munich on how. Allow. I. But yeah. Why aren't our guys. Had fresh. Apparently are not. Judge this time. Do you see just how and when she. Now you know why that's not here at C into my friend and I had every right. I. Afternoons. And do.