Carmen Call for Weds 9-13-17

Wednesday, September 13th

Carmen calls a realtor to let him know that the house he is selling is flooded...and it's her fault! 

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It's time for carbon called us one empower about a 3.5 what is climbing up to just some words of advice don't leave Carmen. In charge of the house you're trying to sell me she's conscious of guilt or. The minor flood problem. OK at the house kids Baden. Allen added three point button. And. I'm iMac and I'm with you cannot help. Yet the candy how punt a few hours for the opening up. Yes it did. Edit OK. And yeah. And turn the water. And playing bad moment. I'm sorry you're in that I would keep the job but I can turn on the lot a because I had my phone yeah. And I went unpleasant Becky that Jim and I got a feeling I did some water hitting EMI you. You left the water on it and yet we're very rarely what you played her water do you think of the not to motto don't turn off the water wouldn't need heights but the people thought about it. I don't have that it's not an average team. Alert. There. Aren't. Getting people talking about her on our our. It's turning a lot but I've got to attend thinking god I'm better at turning pink on. What you see here quicker. Oh yeah. Yeah yeah. Yeah. Now underwater. Yeah. If it's a bit. Yeah yeah yeah it's an anti. Roddick at night why would it be fired and there. I don't lose.