Carmen - The Hitman and Carla 11-8-17

Wednesday, November 8th

Carmen calls a gluten free cupcake company to claim their advertisement got her arrested!​


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Doug Ford Carmen call right now impala and having 3.5 you know an arrest happened last night and it yeah that involves Carmen and including free cupcakes oh my god where I'd like to talk will elect Carmen teller OK a guy Charlie at Wichita police department she gonna have a press conference about it today and possibly. It's all. Gonna find out when Carmen looks like after all this time extra closet just I am could be on the news tonight and then Scarlett. And it's odd. How that added a point five. Go to a and they don't beat. Mean is this the cupcake. OK can I know Americans manager. Mike. I have a. Oh I'm sorry I will grow. I would be in bed and I. And I elected because that is kept gay. How do our work cut. Do you have a big say in the star that bed. No free update. Yeah our Arctic Circle pretty. Phil I took dad then and want out of it's still. And then I let god I hope I'm not prevention and directed it with. You didn't pay per click cupcakes. No because they are pretty well and our. Very rare that I think you I think they earth eat. OK okay I. I can explain you look gluten is so that you know what are finding their mark. Give me now let me know and I'll K be your new I'd like to myself okay. Laura where. I got these up speak up to pilot may have but they got. I'm I'm really sorry that it. The great thing a week. And get your heart is okay yours are an admission of guilt though OK am I need you bad to pay for my bail my legal fees and navigate. Parents and has been mentioned that the. Thank sorry not admission that you'll. We're. That day he tackled me act up something poking me in the written and I acted it would ignite it look what Lang line and. The world record. And you know he's he's going to. More and try to explain it will create an army green and let it. Opens its. They're this or not. And anybody else or harder for. Free and are well then their that you don't know what words mean. This work are you talking. Earlier. Yeah I. Then we're not are. You were not at her. And not think I'm like yeah. And you are here and worked at. It's.