Friday, September 14th


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I. I mean you keep it. It again I'm coming with me. No we are investigating some unusual spending on your account recently sent a snag. I'm available balance on your accounts. Are. You don't have to apologize to being built says but you do have two large transactions that remained one and and dot term and the other at. Well yeah I mean it's it's. I went out shopping for a gambling of. The jets and you know that you'll only have five dollars and seventeen cents left in your account. Royal world where very little. Have money and you shouldn't be going out spending tennis. Wait put in that respect and your business either. And I it is my business because they weren't at the bank. Yeah I can't appreciate it Corbett you don't have that they felt like got to see. Here at the bank we deal with money and you don't have. But did you don't be talking to me like that I don't. It's that's gonna have a right in the center somebody like. I think to say and I don't I don't need to Tuesday it's because you barely have two cents in your account anyway whatever. Oh. Adam and I believe that the disconnect it isn't going to. I just spoken to my supervisor and if any made it may be eagle attend one of those items that you purchased. Yeah I thank you can't bank account is like me up until much sticky dropping well no and it. Oh. Yet you know they are not agree to go ahead and grab your card out have you won it and and until next payday I hadn't Dixon says he's in caddie and I don't like Medicare I think it only got a dollar and 95. It's.