Chief Gordon Ramsay: August 2016

Wednesday, August 17th

Wichita's Chief Gordon Ramsey takes some calls and addresses a few topics regarding the Wichita community.

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Our very 3.5 and now morning Playhouse a hit man and Christiana and Wichita police chief court wherever you are what does this morning. Ain't good morning chief Ramsey how are you served pretty good pretty good for Wednesday yeah thank you for coming in and be an on what does I know I was scheduling. It was tricky and you know what I really respect is the fact that. You scheduled to us directly with me and let me go back and forth who's secretary your Ameritrade emails and it was kind of cool us like okay. The inches is only you know isn't just that the people like that how. So T tell us are since the last time we met a lot of things have happened we have the that propelled the first let's not cook out that was huge it was trending on Twitter. Well over 700. Different stories nationwide about the first steps cookout. And you've got some our national attention of which you really weren't seeking religious gonna happen. It's. Yet it is you know what I like to the kind of labeled the radars and a little bit overwhelming actually quite an honor but. You know all. The cook outs one thing but we really need to do make some sustained changes in the end. Start making some improvements right and I think there's a lot of people that are that were happy with that but they wanna see. Results they wanna see you. Action exactly. Exactly in fact I have talked to our friends all over the country. We all know about the tragic events to happen among Milwaukee. And I'm just talking to some people from Milwaukee yesterday who called me up and ask me about the first let's cook now. Because they're wanting minerals they could do something like that in your community because I bring bring people together. And I know that you got in an unexpected invitation to the White House from the president. And you and I kind of pets at each other back and forth through like you said that there really wasn't something he was seeking because it's easier if you wanted to keep the focus on the message to what was really important. And not only that there is a lot of people involved in this yet you know a lot of community. Leaders and and others that help make this happen and it. And really they should have the invite to. So. But the problem was is I had committed to my of my brother in laws that wedding time I was a justice of the peace and I told them I would do over a year ago I want to stay. In good terms of my family. All right this. I was 24 hours before are supposed to do his wedding and uninvited couple hundred people and you know. I would have I guarantee you they would've been happy with Meehan and then little left them in a lurch. Via via kind of bring us up to speed SR Guam wash last week. And I know why they're there we AJ go hand MM Brandon Johnson and a few others I've talked to a since we last met. Behind the scenes is very little you can Cilic serve is if there's a limit development stage. Well no there's there's a lot we've been doing you know there's. We we want to. Really be leaders and help us lead out of where we are with please junior relations via and you know our department is committed we've got tremendous officers and also wanna see. Us improve our relationships and into weekend. But it does take two so we've got some community leaders don't want also work with us and and make these changes would a couple of them are. More involvement in. The complaint process so putting together civilian review board that Ken. That they can look at the complaints and go back to the communion and share with them what they're seeing I'll tell you what. I'm proud of the investigations that are done on complaints are very thorough but the problem is is that. State law prohibits us personal data from sharing and so it leaves a lot of unanswered questions out there and you know one of the things that this portal do know they'll be. They'll they'll have to obeyed by the quorum rules on data released but. They can share with the community what they see an end and that I think when you have people with legitimacy. That are associated with the police department England say those things I think. It will be beneficial yet and it's amazing some of the things that people say when they are not in fall. Correct and some of it is so involved and and really requires looking explanations at times that even if you didn't tried to explain. It might not really be that simple to understand. Yes the explosion of social media in a strain to get. Facts out and you know oftentimes rumors start spinning out of control these days away and that is the challenge moving forward how do we know if you'll just hold on. Let us let us work through these things for your own facts and go from there but the emotions then and and whatnot with many issues right now are spinning out of control that I think that's what. Happen in other parts of the country. Milwaukee and in the please explain what about the god squad PI and you got all Jian boards helping our stuff house and go that's great you know we've got. A number of church leaders that have come with us come together with us and we're really trying to. We're together when their when issues do come up this and bring in that element of community leadership that again outside the police department to help. People worked through your emotions and feelings and and have a discussion but also keep things under control so they don't get you know people are getting. Helping them with their motions but also ensuring that things don't get too out of your. For sure you know what I'd like to see is just an ongoing engagement and it's not always meet when there's a problem. It's actually that's the key ask you can't wait till there's a problem you need to build up the relationships that so cool. You what that's important policy Jersey this morning passionately six tend not a 386910. Matta three appeal would like to talk to Wichita police chief Gordon Ramsey have a question for chief Ramsey this morning perhaps that's something that I did not ask we'd loved your formula is more empowered every 3.5 ensured the chiefs would love to talk to you as well 86 until nodded three you're calls. We police chief Gordon Ramsay right now are empowered every 3.5. Howard added 3.5 to come to play housed and managed Christina and Wichita police chief Gordon Ramsay. I it's going good so far as you've got a little bit of change with somebody earlier. Administrative staff on this on ramps up. Good dude I didn't see him I leave but look I think it was good for him and his family. Yeah you know he's he's an academic use very excited to go to university Gloria and you know it's just too bad it shows university Nebraska. Yeah. You know someone told me they said they sent this on you know and on the helmet stands for knowledge. And little guys really really rough part of our dead he's he's a tremendous guy and he was very good to me and and I'm sad to see him. Yeah and he's also my fraternity brother nano there's a lot of people which rather sad to see him go to conceive so involved in the community teach you ready to take a phone call you back all right it's it's not a dramatic three your calls for teams Ramsey right now are already 3.5 whose. Who's on the phone and order. Sure Ottawa police chief Ramsey what's your question this morning. But it is the real question cheaper it just blows lately about the quality user you have blue and go and understand may dew or I'm me. You have to achieve Rivet everybody lead Columbian bull and spiritual or. And did that occur company and I turn to Obama you know everybody want to go out as which order took you know so and more all the different. But I at least from port made it from the people are looking ridicule and politically maybe got a lot better over what like Rick is everybody and it that I was premier thank you to bring it has landed and electors. It only an and really what is that Larry you know like that currently doubtless an important we're all yeah. Yeah. Thank you very much all right. Yeah it but. They that's what makes it worth it yeah right yeah and people seeing you work hard and do your thing and speaker of the cook outs you've. You guys talked about doing some more of those around the community. Right we did we had to last weekend. That cops kids in cars events really you know part of it also is beginning with the youth. And a letting them see the other side to police oftentimes. Kids only see is people getting arrested. One of the things that. I see frequently as if you locking in a public space and appear or say hey there's a police officer no you've been talking to their child you better behave or he's gonna take you away right and I. Tell all right right. And the end of this you don't want people to be afraid of the police officers yeah it is funny you know my dad when he you growing up I always frequently remember him when he would see in a police officer Hewitt. Not just tap the brakes he would hit the brakes hard I think he was a let's let and that's. And I remember you see when you saw your dad can I like food odors the police so I got that and I still when I see a police car. I still off and we'll hit my breaks and you're heart skips and he's good. Yes and you know grown up I was a member him telling me you know you'd you'd be respectful I've got a couple police frenzy be respectful those guys if you ever get pulled over. Don't call them off doing that we don't do what they Italian Fiat and you know. And I always remember that but do you his fear when he would see them drive another road when he slam on those breaks yes that impacted me yeah in each. And a lot even now when the when people are going down the road especially on the count on it. More calls for chief Ramsey this morning 8691093. Its power and added 3.5 power ready three point try to come morning clay houses managed to CNN. And Wichita police chief Gordon Ramsey English yeah. To deal the you're. Renewing of the. Hamas. Come on they actually we have a couple of. Listeners on playing better I'm pretty sure they're flat or is well okay exactly. Couple that aren't they taking an active and he's a nice nice to achieve I've got to ask you this year and I was like a little nervous ask the questions. But you know you have the same name as the famous chef. How many people I get the big jokes about that all the time. I hand over my credit Carter I'm in a hotel or ordering something online you're the snicker. And I what I say is being nice to me I can talk just like him a. You don't want you know. 01 bad. I've changed my sobriety checkpoints that are coming up this weekend I saw in the newspaper do you guys how do you plan those he just randomly plan mills in third. The strategy behind and I know you guys are revealing the location of the people should have a heads up it's it's gonna happen this weekend right. Did generally. You know it's a grant funded to prevent DW I related accidents and deaths and injuries. And oftentimes they are focused around the problem areas where we have the most. Crashes especially related to alcohol. Yeah so there is thought put in of that and it you know we want to bring. The number of injuries related to do you get your eyes down should keep people safe. You know we had just that terrible to tell the day before yesterday and person crosses senator line. Probably either. Look at the phone or intoxicated and the family is you know obviously very upset I mean what a way to lose a family member how senseless you write driving down the road. Innocently not doing anything wrong someone crosses that line. And we have too many though. I saw Euro in the news last week you were his speaking with the domestic violence. That's another one that's been happening far too often. It's just really sad. And oh schooled to see you working with the I think the domestic violence shelter or one of the groups and organizations intact. Yeah we've had four or domestic related homicides. In the last six weeks and and you know we wanna do everything we can keep women safe and out of those of relationships rather hurt also their children. And it's a problem we got to get our as a community get our arms around. And that and that involves working with the service providers the advocacy groups. Courts. And keeping people safe from abusers ranked. And increases so does not cool speak up right that's how we that you know what. Fortunately a lot of people who calls me wanna encourage people to call some they see something that doesn't seem right we'd rather have you call us and turn out to be nothing. Then have someone get hurt you know there was a case I was involved in a number of years ago where. Young lady was strangled at the side of the road and when we figure about 5000 cars have gone by in the time that this was done we got 1911. Call. And telling them. The evil yes and then he dragged her into the woods and it's just shocking but I think a lot of people don't believe that that's happening nearly chalk and something else there. Always call us if you're concerned about some of welfare air on the site if you question whether I should call or not we want to call the. Absolutely you have a form of a phone call 1869. To 113 it's a final call for chief Ramsey this morning its power and added 3.5 go ahead what to question for chief frenzy. Have a question about maybe then that what are you guys doing too little. Can they need to outlook for him happy I stopped looking for him right I continuing they'll look for him. Absolutely we are. This is a very very difficult case and bill unfortunately. It's gonna take time and continued effort and you know the sad thing is here is that. You know the the that's the family is. It's a tough tough case and we are trying to do everything weekend and you know my heart goes out to the family and boy I tell you I just wish. I wish we could figure this out but I assure you in the community that this case is being taken very seriously and we're doing everything we can't. Figured out I think yeah you bet you're welcome if you guys remember it was to lie I wanna see him twice in fifteen. A baby. Vincent last scene that morning Lehman how's your 31 result and hydraulic with his father and I nobody's you insurance. Yeah yeah you know I mean we do have some evidence and then some series. But you know we don't have that thing entirely wrapped up yeah. Why don't you go to work economic so are good luck with bad enough hopefully look I you guys are doing the best you can you know prepare works out the way you would like to see your work done. Yeah it's you know particularly sad with kids to behalf and he'd be innocent stiffness and 86910113. Chief Ramsey is on right now on power and every 3.5.