City of Wichita

Thursday, June 1st

Wichita Transit is launching an improved Q-Line service providing more routes, operating more hours and running more frequently in downtown and surrounding areas of the city.

The Summer Food Program is available to anyone in the city in need of a meal. Serving breakfast, lunch and a snack every week day. The Kid Power Cafe is available in several locations and to any child in need. 

Youth Employment Project is underway and helps teens prepare for employment and allows them to obtain their food handlers card. 

Several events and programs are underway for the 2017 summer. For additional information call 316-303-8018 and speak with Kameelah Alexander


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Thank you for joining us sport and how are Wichita on power in any 3.5. I'm your host sprint why can't. And today is an exciting day because we're going to hear about a lot. A summer activities that are going on with the city of Wichita. How you can get involved I'm really excited that we're gonna have Camille Alexander with justices stadium which has communities services representative and this is by far not an easy job to have Camilla think straight coming that's our thanks for being on us in my laying there hit. Okay since you've been here. You have been answering emails taking phone calls I mean you've you've got like a seriously busy summer Jacqui of our training here it it. With the city which shop I mean and we've talked about this when you visited for the morning show you came with just a stack of papers. And they were all different activities that are going on for the summer has anything to slow down or has it just. Wrath more. Red. I think we are excited to announce that. I'm my last time on the show. Yesterday may 31 we hosted our first youth employment project in Atlanta neighborhood resource center remains when he three youths attended well and it. Participate with workforce and our staff into any of them greasy food handlers carts because the other three are and have them which is really not. This prepares him to go out and apply for a starter youth and playmate in employment figure out the year. The next. Workshop if you gonna say today. Is June 14 at evergreen neighborhood resource center in terror register we need youth ages fourteen and up. So called 316. 3038042. Ian ever gain neighbor and their resource center is hosting a youth employment project workshop. On June 14. And that time is trying to five's basically these are able to understand. The details of written for a drop applying for a job interviewing. In as a bonus they give Aaron a free food handler scarred. Which that is awesome I am. Always worked in the food industry when I was younger and through dealers card that is an that is classes hours and hours. That's to get test. Is really long and is really boring so if you can not that out and get linemen. It is good like a couple of years four years Iran this yeah glory years years and think about is let's say you don't wanna work fast food. Then my nephew works at the warrant theater so things of that nature and so any type of movie feared air and nature where their see any food served you going to meet your food and that's part iniki back to volunteer. Kansas food bank lord's diner food tread staff will have their cars better to have art. And there's actually some classes in school and our students have to have their food handlers card trust me it's the classes Bernal says. You can do this and get that can get it out of the way then I would I cannot recommend enough to do it so if you're listening anyone a job this number down. It's 316303. 804 TL call that if you're listening if you're in the Carney can't jot this down don't worry. Because we have all our energy is up on our website at Howard 935. Dot com to say you can't find this in your view on there. On the following Monday so don't worry with patch covered. OK so on top of this ink congrats to everybody that showed up tonight got started because that's a great way to get the through cameras turn out of the way get ready for -- a summer job it's a good way to make some extra cash to get out of house but that's some off. That is like not even a slice of what you guys have going on what's up. Next Tennessee we like to encourage youth any organization improper or nonprofit to consider adopting a yard for this summer this entails. Helping a disc able person or senior citizen and was heading their new line from throughout the summer if you like to be connected to an area near you have got to give us a Carlin at wired neighbor her resource and there we Cilic at an address for you image you know an area of town that is in the and our number is 316. 303. 8016. Again if you're considering adopting a ER please give us a column for too many service hours or days of summer project to give back. This is there really great idea because I do remember when my grandmother still having her home and she was starting to you get older she couldn't you know get outside in the heat mobile launch we had neighbors that were nice enough to say well look you know let me take care enough for you but not every person and their home. Has the ability to another line not every person has neighbors next door and I have the time for that so this could be something that's really cool this would look great. On your college applications when it says what you're dealing. You're adopting a yard you're taking. Literally 2030 minutes out of your day so sure Anderson and that the number that they call is 3163038016. Have you had a lot of kids. Volunteer yet or are you still working on. This is our first time advertising is ask. Asking for help obliquely yeah. Gist through background work we provide eight emails and reach out so let's say local boy scout troops are at the youth mentoring organizations ask for help this is a larger effort there were trying to tackle this year huge meet Israeli hi there Carl volumes coming in. So many activities that you've got what is this you've got to get clean up calendar rights. And with this cleanup calendar that is something where you guys have just like almost every day marked in a what you're meaning and you guys are weight as a need every now are right. For Tony seventeen neighborhood associations and different areas organizers scheduled free eat. Neighborhood cleanups to. Where the city of what you TARP partners and brings out dumpsters ski its entire tracks to help clean up our Aybar hit ads here in need of volunteers Guillen. And volunteers in this avenue would take care of well and around with the dumpster check in speaking up items on the curb and begin helping citizens who are unable list items to dispose of them can't and so do you have a crew who is willing to get out Armas charity morning typically eight to noon. Eight to 1030 when every year then and again this is something you know she can write down as to any service hours done down on your resume college. Applications as you suggested. And another way to give. Back so could this also be I mean if you just have a truck and you know Madden you got a couple friends and Eric let's do this Mimi. A church group wants to get together and help out like can they volunteered to help yes church group every local we actually do not need trucks we need to able bodies and also bring their glows put down those jeans those. Close to post sills and come out okay. So truck or gun tracks we need human beings the excitement. You know I wanted to touch on one thing and end. This is one that's that we haven't had a chance to talk about that. For all these things are going on a city. What's a good wave that someone in a resident can keep tabs on you resonate substance FaceBook pages. Like what's a good way that we can find out what's going on with you guys and how to get involved in. I mean how can we keep tabs on everything. Thanks for asking south start with a couple avenues we have our great website and Wichita dog does we have a FaceBook page for every dish shakes so. Whether you live in which starred district one district to. 345. Or six he can take up the face but pages there. There's also look and act for those who love their cellphones Carl next door dot com. You can register and see what's going on in your neighborhood it next door and are content that is really great this is a good way that you can keep tabs because. I'm constantly. Asking her what's. Next. Between the boy you guys have in in everything I mean the last ten years were here we talked. Very briefly about to the kid power cafe the food program that's amendment so going on the summer that's free suit breakfast lunch and snacks. You don't have to be enrolled in UST two front nine you don't have to be. Someone whose kids go to school you just have to basically be some you as a child as appetite and you can take advantage of that and you can find out more about that. I'm kid power cafe all the different locations I know out waters one of the locations. That people can come to see if you have questions about that. You can call a couple different numbers to find out I'm sure they can called out water senator TO and find out so that's 303. 8016. And I even all I mean this is just the beginning of the summer this is the tip of the iceberg so to speak what else you guys have. Look like to get a. A highlight for which star Parker recreation who has specialty camps there's a one day camps coming up as some weak La and checked so police take out. The website for. With two top dog slash sparked indirect. And and and they also have a face they pay each yeah I can check out activities for different ages that's also adult classes on non. Yeah for Rick sinners. They're idling classes there's kick boxing classes. And there's Haney an art class models yes please get involved stay BZ Fran aged zero to nanny neck. You know those fun though I mean. Especially with the start time he gets so hot out and you end up. Wanting to stay indoors a little bit them before you know it you're cooped up then. This is very this can get two out if you're new Italian and it really made many friends and this is another way that you can. Hang out and get to know some people there's. There's all different kinds of things and it hit within the city where you can start to get to know each other another thing that's actually a pointed out he was. Clue about this and I'm so pushing myself for not knowing you know there's a free trolley in Wichita alike. That is available you want to find out how to get to and from downtown went to talk and make some friends and hang out there's up. Read and transportation and I have no clue about this until you told me. Yes mam. So they Q Ryan is a downtown Charlie they kicked off in May and is offering date time lunch or out services from eleven any until oneself he worked downtown. Happy to be downtown you like to go to lunch meat Iraq to different government buildings. Look for that Q nine Charlie ending in the evenings and Saturdays Iran is Monday through Thursday's 5:15 PM. And Friday nights you can have fun from 5 PM till 1 AM on that Charlie. Variously Jimenez for free like that's just funny hop. I mean think about final Friday is when you wanna go to and Franck if you have friends in town and you wanna go out I mean obviously drinking and driving is the dumbest thing you can do. This is the way you come bar hop then think about your downtown for work. You can use up for lunch showers you could use that suits that I mean to show people around maybe you know not everyone can walk. Long distances so this is a perfect way he goes he won museum go up plans to catch a show at interns. You know I'm torn elegant and there's a bonus on Saturdays December hours for that Charlie are now AD until 1 PM may through September. That's just crazy. I am. I need to seriously use this like can you tell there's a bounty is on Saturdays that Charlie ran summer hours ADM to one see him. Up. Why are we not only using meth and had no outcast. So a public Q lying seriously Arabic should use that that's not something which atop transit abhor and there's also an act you can download. This is what I love cell we have so many cool programs at the scene. Puts together for asked who enjoyed for residents. And there's just so many. That you know every time that I find out about more and kind of in him in a lot of everything that they gets put together. So if you're just joining us. You're listening to empower Wichita. And I am sitting here with Camille Alexander's as the community service is representative. For the city of which time we talked about all the events that are going on if you have. T changes in your house you only get them out an active there are all kinds of ways that they can come they can adopt a yard. That's where 1% or you know a family member if you want. You can volunteer to basically taking care of one person's yard to senator elderly. Or without the ability to mow their lawn weeds or grass this is a small portion of your day. And one time a week this is not sent. That's one way that you can get involved also the youth employment workshop it was a great success this past weeks and now. That's the way that you can't meet up he'll go overs certain situations when you're doing job interviews things like that figure soon Taylor's car and a much needed thing that's going on if you clearing it in some markets for a lot of teens that's due in the restaurant business the war and you know that's a really cool thing. So you can check on us out that's the youth employment project. Okay and all I mean seriously hurt him as part Jack he can get that 3038042. As number you can call for that 303. 8042. Also the kid power cafe the food program the free program that's killing time. There's that at Atwater senator so much more you can find out. About that in the adopt yard at 3038016. Different number you know if you kind of number have questions they can get to. There are people so don't worry these are good people littering teacher exactly where you need to be so. What's coming up I mean for the rest is summer. All right they're still RG and ask him an up and ideas that I like to given highlight to give up when you're very familiar with which his convoy of hope that there's an actual bonus for a convoy of hope this year and I do is say is. Which is the first parity if I do is convoy of hope is the large is back to school program in Wichita this Cyrus the Stanley as a whole room they have added a second site this year so probably will they be it dental life church they are also be at knack Adams and three recreation it's. The part that is awesome week. I mean if if you're not familiar with the convoy of hope is about sliced thinner and it's. I'm meridian soda pandemic Adams park that's central city that's closing nearby some people can't you know get in Viet Cong get CEO. Two amerasians for best listeners of the fact there's any second location. Convoy focus huge. Huge. But to put this together it takes a lot of people also what do you guys mean it. We are needing volunteers specifically we're trying to reach out to different Barber's. And those who don't mind doing some at fifteen to twenty minute hair staff for young ladies that. Play we are looking for barbers to cover all the races and textures that hey here come the viewer interest stadium being a donating some time necessary morning or offering a haircut voucher so let's say year in Europe. Busiest time on peak. Saturday morning thinking you got to Meghann so volunteered but you linked to give that after four years to come see your barber shopping at their haircut. We would gladly like to set that up with youth. That's so great length that's perfect they need look good for school. Maybe your parents have enough money I mean. That's just expensive when you put together everything in kids need. Yeah the book bags of clothes hair cut all the supplies think kids need I mean that's a that's a big chunk a change. Yes and so on August 5 annual planning to have free immunization. At a resource tables solo for adults looking for resources are also the backpack CN they'll be. Fan. Activities for years a petting zoo will. Free food so we expect they're trying to save that data on its bid if your organization will like to volunteer. And Neeson initially information. Thank you must remember today I want memorandum on is 3163038016. Again that is 303. 8016. And soak it up. SE URL is really cool enemy nine all. Appear stylists. You know and there's constantly questions of how kind of backer how can I help out of this will be a great way you're donating a small fraction of your time. And if you can't make it that day August 5 for the convoy of hope. You can actually help out still so please call out water let him know your interest Atlanta no you know wean your availability is. And they'll make the most of the times so that you can help the most people within our city that's just awesome. Right and not raising another. Pray for earlier and it says after argues this. Argues ace he's on that which it's rocks neighbor in night out this is close. I know you're content. If your news to the area and they would just our neighborhood night out is a night when neighbors organized block parties to meaning gathering soon get to know one each other. Celebrate the file services coming up and reach out to city officials and in your council members of police department the fired at army where who we are all out visiting your areas if you register your neighborhood block party and again he lives busy it would to talk about death and is the senate the police department where the application is. This looks really cool though like you said. I would just like the fact that you know you're going to be interacting rallies people's maybe do wanna say something tier city councilman may be due wanna. Say something TL. You know for our department or the police department something like that. I recently and so a police officer. Be really cool. To a teenager that was pretty frazzled after an accident and I wanted to think in his big kick like that one to one he had just calm the situation down and and you know chilled that kid out who was obviously very shakeup that was really cool this is the time he can do that are some things on your mind. You know you can chat we are all in this community we are what makes this community. And that's really what this neighborhood now embraces. The fact the world together and mess and that's. Really awesome but it is really close to come lawyer hope so what is the bit. And this one is which and that. I is aiming it and so would like residents to know that all fees will be weighed when he comes to blocking off streets having bear Kate me and helium near a park and like series are that park. Those thieves will also be way do you like to gathered in a neutral setting Kosier homes organize ice cream social ills could gals. Have Charl for the key is bubbles I've seen an op this is the main thing so all this is half. Earning an August 1 convoy of hope the fifth and then the neighborhood to hang out I love this that's gonna happen on the eighth of August. That's some and look forward to if your questions about wanting to get your Harkin called a few questions about wanting to you help out with Conway of pope's second location. You can call the out water center at 316. 3038016. Now. All the events we've talked about the one thing that they have in common is that it's a city of Wichita. Just trying to be a part of the community and the community we want you be a part of you know everything that he's the city of Wichita. So is there anything you wanna leave with our listener before we know. Yes I would just like to thank everyone for participating in being involved in New York you mean we have a lot of people complain about there's nothing going anomaly Disney Judea reach out to your council member and give a shout outs which is tied district while which is the best district in Wichita from my council member and love are the Williams. But a legal. Of our counterparts stood at their districts are policing tapped a year district and we would get you connected. I sent OK guys we have this interview up if you want to find out more you can also contact the out Waterston with any questions that you got. Further perhaps your district or other districts remember 3038016. As the number that you can contact and look for the seniors all these events. This summer got more coming up with entire Wichita on power in any 3.5.