Clairissa Jenkins Phone Check - 12-18-17 - The Hitman and Carla

Monday, December 18th

Listen to Clairissa's next phone victim, and don't forget you can set up your friends, family, and co-workers to be phone checked by filling out the form at


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They get the car bumpers on the phone Jack was called risen Jenkins it's on power ready frequent flyer. How about another option Dario. Hi this is teachable we're calling from baby and I speak to Nicole and he's. The call I call on the mound the the Korea and NB hero that you Warren. OK what what it is we're trying to figure out. What you all work. The princess crimp. In the Yi and the other one. Yeah can we do. Contacted the stock from about this and we said and you do we have this order. And they said what order. So I'm I'm trying to figure out who you made to order through because they have nothing for you that's. Hurt my attitude about my. But my marriage is simple fact I don't know why it's been getting the last. Yeah within the ones I like that like the cheaper like white trash you kind of want they'd like they just put into the sun they don't really deal with and that much is where the stock from people are crazy. So you're saying I ordered a crack at it and it's everything I you're calling me the job. I question as they don't have the order it. Yet they don't have the order he and I know you're trying to order for a while but they there's nothing here that says you have some and ordered I see your name here. The crazy like that something needs to be back because it's a bit like the first. That is stood out for like three months Alex's third time power ordering. Well I just to get Leno I have three children and I have the same thing happen to me where I couldn't get a crib order there's a big problem. And I improvised. And I I had a refrigerator cardboard box. That I had temple rarely used because the baby's lobos. I. Not not just fine it's it's tamper it's a temporary fix is not anything permanent but that's Biden have my kids wake. Thought that was it would even said that he was totally inappropriate. What lesson OK okay you'd have told me that you refrigerator box in my trials like. I don't know if they relate where they covered it well no I did not do lasted until I used. That's not my question I don't like I'm not gonna use that I've I want I want Elliott I got it coming I need a credit for her I wouldn't pick Leo what kind. And you're telling me they have put pulling organic hey you guys they get that secret like if I had no problem that I. Is that what you happy hit you you use your refrigerator up like him got to be adult. Well unit you know who framed Cooper is. Yes she's the one I wanted to phone Jack. Right. You just check it. Good phone check dot com. And you've got somebody on the phone to tell me who it is now all the time that power not 35 dot com.